by Cotto d'Este BluStyle

 Advance by Blustyle explores the world’s immense variety of natural stone to create an all-next texture born from the blending of multiple mineral samples. Thanks to its authentic natural character and the depth of its range of products, Advance becomes the linchpin of a system of elements that merge elegantly to define a unique yet informal style that is cosmopolitan and immediately recognisable. A model of beauty to be experienced and enjoyed day after day, in the extraordinary routine of everyday life. 

Advance is a collection of stone-effect floor coverings that blends different textures on its surfaces: the typical texture and striking shades of slate with distinct marble veins and inclusions typical of limestone. Unique porcelain stoneware with a contemporary style that allows you to experience a perfect combination of beauty and quality.

Effect: Marble
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Black, Brown, Grey
Thickness: 10mm
BluStyle Advance
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