Bath Pillow
by Decor Walther

Decor Walther has represented quality bathroom furnishings. Their aesthetic philosophy – which  begets products that are unique on the international market – has evolved along with the company, and can be encapsulated by the term discreet luxury.

With Decor Walther’s Bath Pillow, your head is also ideally supported during a hot relaxing bath. It is equipped with a clever counterweight so that you only need to place it over the edge of the bath. It then stays in place with two suction cups comfortably supports you head and neck. To keep the pillow pleasantly fresh, it can be washed 30°C. Look forward to new bath-time comfort with the bath pillow by Decor Walther. The bath pillow is available in grey, white, cream and black. Measures 7 x 32 x 21cm.

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