by Cotto D'Este

The practical sturdiness of Cotto d’Este stoneware combined with the charming warmth of a wooden aesthetic. Cadore is available in two thicknesses – the 14mm porcelain option guarantees a tensile strength that is three times greater than traditional 10mm stoneware, while the 20mm variety delivers an exemplary performance for exteriors and guarantees matchless durability with no fear of breakage. Cadore is part of the PROTECT line of products: a series of antimicrobial floor and wall tiles designed expressly to create healthy, safe and protected living spaces. 

Effect: Wood
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Brown, Grey, White
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Outdoor Floors, Outdoor Walls, Pool
Sizes: Large, X-Large
Thickness: 14mm
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