Cement Project
by Cotto D'Este

Cement Project is a system of surfaces and colours that faithfully emulates the visual and textural properties of cement, to the extent that it even captures the intense detailing of traditional wooden slat joinery. Surfaces and colours echo cement effects with aesthetic and sensory fidelity.

Conceptually, the collection recalls the great Brutalist architecture of the 20th century. These references lend the collection an earnest and austere sense of character, through its application possibilities remain myriad and unbound.

The collection uses a combination of three grey tones on three different surfaces: Work, Cem and Land; each available in different thickness and sizes.

Effect: Concrete
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Black, Cream, Grey
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Outdoor Walls, Pool
Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
Thickness: 5.5mm
Cotto D'este Cement
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