by Cotto D'Este

Cluny is the collection by Cotto d’Este that recreates the complexity and intensity of mineral surfaces in five sophisticated colours: the lustrous Champagne, woody Bourgogne, ashen Argerot, earthen Auvergne, and ebony Ardenne. With its wide range of formats, colours, and surfaces, the Cluny series seamlessly establishes a sense of cohesion and continuity in any tiled environment. The fact that Cluny is part of the PROTECT line of Cotto d’Este products is yet another mark of its excellence. PROTECT is a line of antimicrobial floor and wall tiles designed expressly to create healthy, hygienic, and protected living spaces.

Effect: Stone
Finish: Matt/Natural, Rock/Flammed
Colours: Brown, Grey
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Outdoor Floors, Outdoor Walls, Pool
Sizes: Large, X-Large
Thickness: 3.5mm, 5.5mm, 20mm
Cottodeste Cluny 2019
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