by Cotto D'Este

Grunge captures the authentic character of the material that inspires it. Developed with bright, vibrant, matt, highly realistic surfaces, Grunge is the most elegant expression of contemporary concrete.

Grunge is a truly different and authentically unique ceramic concrete. It boasts a harmonious aesthetic appeal both in its colour transitions and in its graphic texture. Grunge translates the unmistakable character of raw cement into elegant and highly realistic ceramic surfaces.

Panariagroup’s exclusive Protect® technology guarantees powerful antibacterial protection 24 hours a day, even without sunlight, and never loses its effectiveness because it is permanently integrated in the product.

Effect: Concrete
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Brown, Cream, Grey
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Outdoor Floors, Outdoor Walls, Pool
Sizes: Large, X-Large
Thickness: 6.5mm
CDE Cat Grunge
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