by Casalgrande

Limpha is a new living wall effect, porcelain stoneware tile collection.

Limpha draws inspiration from climbing plants and transforms plain walls into a tribute to nature’s beauty. This collection can be used both indoors and outdoors and features antibacterial, self-cleaning, and pollution-reducing properties. The large format tiles are perfect for both new and restored buildings, private homes and public buildings; e.g. offices, schools and gyms.

Limpha adds character to plain and obsolete surfaces and improve performance and eliminate maintenance costs. The limpha collection is part of the bios ceramics® generation of bioactive ceramics. Bios Ceramics® oxidises NOx (nitrogen oxides) in the air using Hydrotect photocatalytic technology. The tile itself turns harmful gases into water soluble, non-harmful substances which rainwater or a damp cloth then wash away with ease.

Installing 1000sqm of Limpha purifies the air equivalent to a wooded area the size of a football pitch. This quantity eliminates the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of approximately 70 cars in a day.

Use this living wall effect tile in any area of your house to create a high impact, low maintenance statement that’s sustainable and will continue to improve our environment for years to come.

Effect: Decorative, Patterned
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Green
Uses: Indoor Walls, Outdoor Walls
Sizes: X-Large
Thickness: 6.5mm
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