by Fabio Pesce

Lusso, new forms of art. A gold feature mosaic tile collection, with various patterns to choose from; all with the glitz of gold.

Lusso is a part of the Pixel line of glass mosaic’s, curated and created by Fabio Pesce. The patterns in Lusso are achieved by breaking down images pixel by pixel. These patterns are then recreated on a large scale using 1cm by 1cm squares of tile, each coloured appropriately and pieced together to build the pattern.

A modular mosaic tile collection conceived to make a feature of any surface, floor or wall. The patterns are composed in modules that can be combined infinitely, blending the start an end points of each module.

This gold feature mosaic tile collection radiates luxury and glam like no other feature tile, and is suitable for everyday environments.

Effect: Decorative, Patterned
Finish: Glossy/Polished, Hand Crafted, Matt/Natural
Colours: Gold, Metallic, Multi
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Pool
Sizes: Mosaic
Thickness: 5.5mm
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