by Sichenia

Me_Tal is an aged, metal effect tile that achieves the perfect aesthetic of oxidised metal. Immortalised, then, through the durability of porcelain stoneware tile.

The passing of time oxidizes metal surfaces. This chemical reaction is the essence of Me_tal.

Sichenia has found inspiration in this natural phenomenon to design this original and authentic product. The varied colours and the refractive qualities that are distinctive in metals define the uniqueness of Me-Tal. Intense and distinct tones, enriched with contrasting polychrome shades, are meticulously mastered by the human touch; creating the perfect aged metal effect tile.

Me_tal was designed to be used in different contexts. It can be the dominant element in any space, but at the same time can be considered a crossover as it blends perfectly with all other Sichenia products. Its full potential is clearly asserted when mixed with other contemporary products such as stone or concrete.
Thanks to the outstanding technical characteristics of Sichenia porcelain stoneware, Me_tal can be used for floor and wall coverings in all kinds of environments such as lofts, residential and commercial spaces, bars, shops and restaurants.

Effect: Metal
Finish: Matt/Natural
Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Cream
Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls, Outdoor Walls
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Thickness: 10mm
Sichenia Me Tal 1
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