Plano 400 Wall Hung
by Bello Casa

Plano 400 Wall Hung is the large scale option of our Plano 200 Wall Hung. At only 400mm out from the wall the Plano 400 Wall Hung creates an option for narrow spaces; that doesn’t compromise on the overall scale of the vanity. This vanity measures at a length of 800mm and basin size of just under 400x400mm. The Plano 400 Wall Hung also features a storage cubby cut into the front face of the vanity. This cubby offers both functionality and a styling moment, perfectly sized for a stack of hand towels or some soaps.

Elegant, sophisticated and seamless. Our stone tops are constructed from a smooth polyester material, overlaid with a powder-gel coat combination. This material is available in white and black matte, or a glossy finish on request, giving you the opportunity to choose which best suits your personal style.

Every engineered stone product features a superior coating is that is anti-scratch, resistant to stains, bacteria and yellowing as well as being non-porous, to ensure the pristine look lasts for decades.

BelloCasa can pair our stone tops any of our made-to-measure vanity cabinets.

This basin is a stocked item as configured in images.

Plano 400 Wall Hung
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