Plano Cubo 420 Basin
by Bello Casa

Plano Cubo 420 Basin is a modern, square bowl-on-top sculpted from engineered, solid surface stone. The Plano Cubo Basin series features 90 degree edges that sit flush to the countertop. A great, low-profile bowl-on-top that doesn’t compromise on basin size. Measuring approx. 420x420mm, this basin combines the modern beauty of squared basins with soft curved corners to make a basin design that compliments many styles.

Elegant, sophisticated and seamless. Our stone basins are constructed from a smooth polyester material, overlaid with a powder-gel coat combination. This material is available in white and black matte, or a glossy finish on request; giving you the opportunity to choose which best suits your personal style.

Every engineered stone product features a superior coating is that is anti-scratch, resistant to stains, bacteria and yellowing as well as being non-porous, to ensure the pristine look lasts for decades.

BelloCasa can pair our stone basins with any of our stone tops and made-to-measure vanity cabinets.

This square bowl-on-top basin is a stocked item as configured in images.

Plano Cubo 420
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