Stone Toilet Brush Set
by Decor Walther

Decor Walther has represented quality bathroom furnishings. Their aesthetic philosophy – which  begets products that are unique on the international market – has evolved along with the company, and can be encapsulated by the term discreet luxury.

The Stone Toilet Brush Set offers a discrete, unobtrusive way to store your toilet brush away hygienically. This brush set is made from high-quality mineral castings, leading a finish reminiscent of stone. The toilet brush holder comprises a cylindrical container with a lid and a toilet brush with a black head and long chromium-plated handle. The functional shape of the brush makes it easy to get into the tight spaces of the toilet for a thorough clean, maintaining excellent hygiene in your bathroom.

The Stone soap dispenser is available in white/black and chrome, and white/black and nickel. Measures 75.5 x 15 x 14cm.

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