UP+ Basin Tap
by Treemme

For those seeking efficicent, functional elegance, with a minimal style.

With its simple, clean lines that adapt effotlessly to any setting, UP+ derives from a desire to create a product able to satisfy different characters and suit different styles, blending smoothly with its surroundings. Given the shapes of the collection, UP+ is the ideal partner for minimal furnishings styles, but can also slot attractviely into more richly decorative settings, making its mark and capturing the attention.

Crafted in brass, the UP+ collection is available in the following finishes: chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, matt black, matt white, black chrome, polished black chrome, brushed burnished, oxidised, brushed rose gold, gold and brushed gold.

UP+ Basin Tap is available in three heights: 103mm, 176mm and 231mm. 6 litres per minute.

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