Waldorf Back to Wall
by Kerasan

Waldorf is a collection of traditional bathroom furnitures suitable for all types of interiors. The perfect solution for those who search for the elegant classicism of traditional interiors. Waldorf captures the timeless allure of the victorian, heritage design, manufactured at high-quality standards only achievable using present-day technology.

The floor mounted design and in-wall cistern makes up the traditional back-to-wall toilet & bidet configuration; all the beauty of a floor mounted toilet with the sleek, low profile of an in-wall cistern. Crafted from the highest grade of porcelain, the Waldorf bathroom ware series is available in gloss white, with options of white, black or walnut seats.

The traditional back-to-wall toilet & bidet are the perfect addition to any classical bathroom. Choose an in-wall cistern wc to achieve a low profile toilet that adds to, but doesn’t detract from, the overall design of your bathroom. Waldorf WC is also available in low-level cistern, high-level cistern, close coupled, in-wall, and wall hung configurations. Pair both the Waldorf toilet & bidet for a true Italian experience, and a zero-waste lifestyle.

Waldorf Back To Wall WC
Waldorf Back To Wall Bidet
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