Wood Bath Shelf
by Decor Walther

Decor Walther has represented quality bathroom furnishings. Their aesthetic philosophy – which  begets products that are unique on the international market – has evolved along with the company, and can be encapsulated by the term discreet luxury.

The Wood bath shelf by Decor Walther can be balanced over the bathtub and provide space for a good book, soap or a towel. Several rubber feet on the bottom of the bath tray ensure that the tray will not slip.

The dark wood of the bath tray is thermo ash. Thermally modified by being heated to 210°C, the wood does not warp or crack. The dark colour is natural and does not fade. Decor Walther has produced matching accessories to go with the Wood Bath Tray.

The Wood Bath Shelf is available in dark ash and light beech. Measures 2 x 24 x 85cm.

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