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Black-White by Cotto d'Este

Light and dark, empty and full, with and without. Pure, primordial, and unadulterated elements fluctuating eternally. A vibrant rhythm, a harmonious tension.

Kerlite Black-White is an innovative product that is well-suited to a variety of tiling projects. With a simple, subliminal allure, it transforms otherwise essential ceramic products into the trappings of significant architectural achievement. Made possible through the use of exclusive Cotto d’Este stoneware technology, the Black-White collection enjoys extraordinarily thin, unimaginably large, and perfectly smooth dimensions. These characteristics contribute to an exceptional finished product of ultra-thin porcelain slabs that are distinguished by their unparalleled elasticity and exemplary durability.

Kerlite Black-White is part of the PROTECT line of products: a series of antimicrobial floor and wall tiles designed expressly to create healthy, safe and protected living spaces. 


Finishes: Glossy, Naturale

Sizes: 50x100, 100x100, 300x100 cm

Uses: Indoor Floors + Walls, Outdoor Walls, Pool

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