BluTech by BluStyle

Blutech is an essential line of porcelain stoneware tiles that is crafted from the finest of raw materials.

A product of scrupulous research and innovative manufacturing technology, the collection focusses on developing and perfecting processes that achieve matchless surface finishes – to the end of creating a beautiful, modern product that is structurally superior, exceptionally durable, and supported by a 20 year guarantee. Five unique finishes, six modern colours, and three distinctive formats comprise this bold, elegant, and versatile collection. From highly populated public places, to heavily trafficked workspaces and prestigious residential environments, Blutech is the perfect companion to modern life with all its passion, vitality, and vigour.

For a collection that represents a new frontier in the development of fine, non-enamelled porcelain stoneware products, look no further than Blutech – a series that effortlessly marries the rigours of performance with the aesthetics of elegance.

Colours: Bianco, Avorio, Beige, Cemento, Cenere, Antracite

Finishes: Naturale, Lappata, Perlata, Levigata

Sizes: 90x90, 60x60, 30x60mm

Uses: Indoor Floors + Walls, Outdoor Floors + Walls

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