Charisma by Fincibec

Ceramic surfaces with the inherent timeless appeal of natural stone and interpreters of the refined elegance sought by contemporary design. 

The Charisma project stems from the stylistic research of Monocibec, which sees the elements of nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the development of sophisticated textures and exclusive colours. Charisma is a versatile product that can emphasise the character of any project in residential, commercial and public areas, available in both natural and lappata finishes. 

Natural Charisma is reminiscent of stone floors made with artisanal techniques, and retains the primordial beauty of

the materials from which they take inspiration. Lappata Charisma has a particular effect obtained by polishing its ridge, with an antiqued surface that is at the same time elegant and rustic like a precious material, rendered special and unique due to extensive use.

Colours: Dakota, Trend, Imperial

Finishes: Natural, Lappata

Sizes: 60x60

Uses: Indoor Floors, Indoor Walls

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