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Chateau Royale by BluStyle

Visiting an ancient castle in the heart of the French countryside, you walk through the cobbled streets of a rural village and enjoy a delectable breakfast a the local bistro. You are surrounded by the passion of the townsfolk, for stories of noble traditions, for well kept homes, for the beauty of everyday wares. Ever a companion throughout this journey is resilient, reassuring, and unwavering – stone.

From the spirit of this guardianship comes Château Royale, a collection that speaks of the fidelity of stone and its innate ability to evolve and adapt, yet also retain a distinctive air of time-honoured nobility. A vintage collection available in the original tone Amboise with the finishes Naturale – rough and hewn – and Lappata – smooth and time-worn – Château Royale is a versatile and elegant addition to any environment. The rich selection of graphics, textures, and sizes offered in this series enables it to emulate nature in all its variability, the result of which is that no two pieces of Château Royale product are the same.

Colours: Amboise

Finishes: Naturale, Lappata

Sizes: 60x60, 40x60, 40x40, 20x40mm

Uses: Indoor Floors + Walls, Outdoor Floors + Walls

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