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Concrete Jungle by BluStyle

Concrete Jungle is a series of porcelain stoneware flooring that is inspired by innovative cities, industrial spaces, and contemporary architectural works.

The product line inspires modernity, and evokes images of technological advances, mechanical marvels, and urban centres abuzz with the expressive bustle of human activity.

For a ceramic flooring collection in the characteristic hues of urban concrete, with original graphics and a pair of captivating finishes that capture the essence of contemporary style and innovative design, look no further than Concrete Jungle – by Blustyle. 

Colours: Atelier 25, Factory 56, Store 18, Pub 49

Finishes: Naturale, Honed, Grip Standard, Grip Rettificata

Sizes: 90x90, 60x60, 30x60mm

Uses: Indoor Floors + Walls, Outdoor Floors + Walls

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