Cotto Etrusco by Unica

Harmonious with history, Cotto Etrusco is inspired by mankind’s utilisation of natural materials through its development of clay sculpture. 

The collection is comprised of two base colours – Tarquina and Nepi – that come in a variety of shades and tones. Each tile is composed of nine interlocking patterns that are randomly assorted to give an entirely unique appearance to each installation.

Cotto Etrusco tiles are 25×25 cm (9/8″x9/8″) with a thickness of 1.4cm (0/56″). These dimensions grant the collection special structural properties, which in turn makes it suitable for a wide range of domestic environments.

Colours: Tarquinia, Nepi

Finishes: Hand Crafted

Sizes: 25x25cm

Uses: Indoor Floor + Walls

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