Kontinua by Casalgrande

Lightweight slabs in large sizes to widen your interior design horizons. A variety of dimensions and thicknesses fit for every project. Kontinua is an extension of a select number of Casalgrande Pagonia products which introduces tiles as thin as 6,5 mm in sizes ranging from 60×120 cm to 160×320 cm. Kontinua tiles are suitable for a wide range of spaces and can fulfil many different functions – such as serving as integrated flooring and cladding, rainscreens, and bespoke furnishings to name but a few – both aesthetically and functionally.

Colours: Cemento, Sardegna, Paragone, Marmoker

Finishes: Casero, Natural, Matt, Lucida

Sizes: 60x120, 120x120, 120x240, 120x260, 160x320 cm

Uses: Indoor Floors + Walls, Outdoor Walls

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