Ortigia by Unica

It is in the heart of this historical town, with its mixture of cultures and traditions, a city which overlooks the Mediterranean sea, where the inspiration to create Ortigia was born. Ortigia is the name of an area in the center of Siracusa, a Sicilian city. This city claims the title of “the center of Sicilian baroque” Ortigia is rich in the testimony of the various cultures which have passed through this region. From the Greeks to the Romans, to the Spanish. The inspiration is vast, we therefore used swirls and curls, colors and geometrical patterns which intersect with each other recalling styles and history of the past centuries. The Ortigia collection is a porcelain floor and wall tile composed by 16 mixed patterns in 4 different colors. From a Dark Prussian Blue mixed with beige and grey, to a Light Blue with dusty blues, browns and greys. The Green version has touches of turquoise and warm finishes, and the carmine Red with its greens and browns recall a Mediterranean style. Ortigia is a pliable collection which mixes harmonically with our collection Maxe, or with many different surfaces like woods, cements or any modern style tile or finish. Any environment with Ortigia will recall Italian tradition and warmth.

Colours: Green, Red, Light Blue, Blue

Finishes: Hand Crafted

Sizes: 15x15cm

Uses: Indoor Floor + Walls

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